So blessed and honoured to announce that my debut book Speak Up Sami was accepted by @kubepublishing and is now available to purchase from their website! Link is in my bio (been waiting to use that phrase!)

I pray that this story can impact children positively and give them much needed representation. InshaAllah it teaches them an important sunnah about standing up to injustice. Hope the beautiful illustrations by @madimarart keep your little little ones entertained. 😍

📚Sami s a quiet boy who does not enjoy going to school, but things begin to change when a new boy Gamba joins his class. When Gamba is being teased, will Sami be brave enough to find his voice and speak up?

This is an empowering story about courage, kindness and friendship. A heartwarming book to enjoy at home or in the classroom, providing opportunities to have meaningful discussions around bullying, diversity and celebrating differences.


Check out the cute trailer for the book @kubepublishing.
I’m not sure how to repost!